Why did TM offer 2 additional advertising options ?

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Why did TM offer 2 additional advertising options ?

Answer: To make it easier for people to reach other members without having to spend a lot of money.

The previous options are still available, they have not been removed. Cash Links are ads placed by other members with the desire to connect their offer with you.

All ptc sites in the world that I know of have these two options in addition with higher priced options — adding these options makes a lot of sense to me, as these options have become standard among PTC sites everywhere.

TM is more than just a ptc site .. we existed for months before adding cash links.

One major difference with TM cash links compared to other PTC sites is — we offer 100% matching click earnings on all ads.

micro ads (as they are called on all these other sites) usually do not reward anything for referral clicks. TM offers 100% matching on all clicks, no matter the amount

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