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  1. Marketing mistakes to avoid when Generating Traffic for your business

    Generating the right traffic to get customers for business is one of the most important things to do to ensure that your company succeeds. However it can be very difficult market your business to generate traffic correctly. Read on to find out 7 most marketing mistakes to avoid when promoting your business to generate traffic.
    Many people rush into business thinking it will be easy to run, but very soon they realize that it is not as easy as it looks. A successful business is a finely tuned machine. In order to keep your business running smoothly it is important to avoid making the most common mistakes.Here are the 7 most common mistakes to avoid:
    1. Not having clear objectives: Many business people start a business without clear objectives. They fail to set realistic goals for their marketing and traffic generating strategies and consequently set themselves up for failure. It is important to make a list of goals and objectives based on a realistic time line. If you do not have company goals or objectives, you are like a plane flying without a compass. Make sure all employees if any are briefed regularly on company objectives. When your employees are not properly trained or prepared, you will not be able to achieve company objectives.
    2. Neglecting to analyze your potential customers is a dangerous mistake. It can lead to many problems. When you do not analyse your customers wants and needs you do not know what products and services to develop for them. This will lead to targeting the wrong market and neglecting to understand your own niche market. It is important for any business to do their marketing analysis so that you can target your market and maximise your sales.
    3. Not testing: By not testing your sales copy and places you advertise with split testing your advertising, you will be losing sales. Split testing is simple to do but many businesses fail to do this. This results in a lot of wasted time and effort. If you do not test your ad copy and marketing promotions you will not have a proper idea of the ads and promotions that are pulling and what is not working. It is simple to do by placing 2 ads for the same product in a publication or website etc. You can then see which one is performing the best.
    4. Not budgeting: Budgeting is extremely important in any business, large or small. Your business should never run out of money. This is especially true with your marketing and advertising ventures. It is important to have a monthly or quarterly budget for your marketing. Within that budget put aside money for each promotion you will be doing. Start small, test and then build on successes. This will allow you to always stay solvent and have enough for promotions.
    5. Giving up too soon: Companies go out of business at an alarming rate these days. One of the reasons is that the owners give up too soon. Just when success might be just around the corner they give up and decide to close the business down. In exactly the same fashion marketing promotions can fail. You need to give your promotions at least 3 months before you decide to scrap them. Some promotions will take longer than others to bring results. As always, test all marketing tactics before you launch a larger promotion. Patience is one of the hallmarks of business and you need to implement it.6. Poor sales copy: How often have you wanted a product but when you read the sales page you had serious doubts? Poor unprofessional ad copy will cost you sales. In fact without good sales copy you will not be able to sell effectively at all. It is critical to your business to get this right. If necessary get an experienced copywriter to do this. It is worth the investment, as you will see returns when you make sales.7. Not screening your employees carefully: To handle the extra load for the Christmas season you will need to hire new employees. It is very important not to rush into this. There is no dearth of people needing employment but you need to screen them carefully before hiring. One rude customer service agent can cost you customers. Do not take this type of risk. You want to preserve the integrity of your company at all times and screening employees is the way to achieve this. You will then be able to build a core of loyal professional employees that will be an asset to the company.

    The golden rule is to diversify. You should always use multiple forms of marketing promotions in your business. Do not just do one or two promotions and then wait for results. This will slow company growth and your business will stagnate. The last thing you need is to slow your marketing in the Christmas season. So remember to diversify and enjoy the increase in sales.

    By avoiding these mistakes you will take your company to the success you deserve. You will be able to have year round success for your business and really be able to cash in on the Christmas season. So plan ahead and be careful not to make these common mistakes.

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  2. Facts Everyone Should Know About Traffic Generation

    There are many ways to increase your Traffic Generation; the most valuable of course is
    offering some ongoing and dynamic value such as blogs or online discussion
    that keep the same people coming back, but a host of other options exist
    including:Search Engine OptimizationWe’ve touched on this in previous chapters but “Search Engine
    Optimization” or “SEO” as it is often referred to is a huge success for
    many sites, and has even spawned a service industry in its own right
    where people are getting paid to optimize your site and site
    submissions to try and increase how well your site ranks on various
    search engines. Ideally you should do this yourself by submitting to
    various directories and using the tips and hints I’ve already mentioned but if you are ‘Internet Impaired’ it may be worth paying a consultant
    to assist you.List your site in Directories and Search EnginesThere are many search engines and directories out there where you
    can list your website for increased exposure. Some charge a fee while
    others are free or low-cost but the important thing to remember is to
    go through each one IN PERSON and optimize the data you provide
    each to ensure the listing provides the best interface to your site as
    possible.Participate in Link ExchangesA ‘link exchange’ refers to the act of having a URL or ‘hyperlink’ from
    another site either on your page or another site pointing to pages on
    your site. With Exchanges another webmaster will link to your site in
    exchange for you linking to theirs – hopefully complimenting each
    others sites.Advertise your site via AdWords or other resources such as banner adsThere are many advertising avenues out there to get your website
    increased recognition, the simplest of course link exchanges and wordof-
    mouth, but paid methods such as using Google’s AdWords program
    to pop up a link to your site when certain keywords are entered into
    search engines is a very effective way to increase traffic to your sites.
    From the vendor side it works like this: you bid (or offer) an amount
    that you will pay for a list of keywords used when people query.
    Depending on your bid and the maximum daily expenditure settings
    you specify (the largest amount of payout you are willing to do on any
    given day) your ad shows and you’re charged for each user who “clicks
    through” the ad to your site.

    Get published on other sites

    The Internet is a wide place and a lot of people are out there every
    day so try to participate in other sites with a similar interest to yours
    and post articles and stories – be sure to include a link or reference to
    your web site and viola! Free advertising!

    Request Reviews from magazines and online webmasters

    Many other sites have a link or ‘rating’ page where you can ask them
    to provide feedback and suggestions on your page and its content –
    doing so will often not only gather additional interest and visibility but
    can help you to tweak your site and improve it to better meet your

    Post in chat rooms and on blogs

    Just as with posting articles using chat and blog entries to promote
    your site is a good ‘semi-permanent’ way to get your website address
    out there before the public.

    Give away free gifts and hold contests

    This is actually a variation of the customer rewards program idea – by
    holding a contest, say a $100 grand prize eBook contest where you get the rights to all submitted eBooks and the winner gets $100 you can
    generate traffic and often get other benefits. Ideas include ‘help
    create a logo’ or ‘closes predictions for the upcoming election’ …
    anything you can think of can be pressed into service in fact!

    Join local business organizations

    An often overlooked benefit of any community is the local businesses
    and merchants as well as the Better Business Bureau. Being a
    member can not only let your fellow businesses be aware of you and
    your site, but can also introduce you to new concepts and tools you
    can use to increase both your visibility and profitability.

Mastering Traffic Generation ensures success in any Business online or offline.
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